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When her two traveling companions cancel their plans to visit India, Sofia Nejinskaya, a Russian American designer in her forties, still makes the trip from her home in Miami.
When Sofia meets the handsome Italian Alessandro Salvucci—an opportunistic Italian journalist and successful businessman with a time-tested set of tools for seduction—at the resort’s yoga class, he seems in tune with her “perfect match” list for the ideal man.
Despite their differing geographical locations, they begin a committed relationship, exchanging numerous e-mails and text messages and visiting one another regularly. But Alessandro’s roving Italian eyes, thoughtlessness, and insecurities threaten their love. The relationship is also rocked by their spiritual differences: she is Christian, and he belongs to the Cult of White Brotherhood.
Nevertheless, surprised by all the mystical coincidences that show they have much in common, Sofia believes in their love and life together, hoping to overcome Alessandro’s spiritual delusions and fallacies about relationships with women. But their marriage is not yet the “happily ever after” ending she imagined.

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